Optimized and Integrated Power

Selecting the optimal mix of Energy Technologies and then ensuring they are seamlessly integrated into a single system is essential to achieving an optimized power solution.

Various metrics such as upfront capital costs, ongoing fuel costs, operating and maintenance costs, security of supply, system response capacity and stability, total cost of ownership, levelized cost of electricity, carbon footprint and ESG metrics all need to be considered when designing a Hybrid Power Plant.

Once the optimal design is achieved it is essential that the various components are all carefully integrated together. A key risk to Hybrid Power plants is the failure to fully integrate the system. This is a key risk to having components of the hybrid plant supplied by disparate suppliers.

Furthermore ensuring the supplier has long-term responsibility for the Hybrid Plants performance ensures that initial as well as long-term considerations are addressed in the design and construction of the plant.

PSS takes a completely holistic approach to Hybrid Power, from cradle to grave and encompassing all the various energy technologies available. This ensures the client receives a fully-integrated system that is optimized across all metrics.