EPC Services

There is no such thing as a typical client and each client's need is individual. Our service is specifically tailored to suit your unique requirements and we will start with a full project analysis and consultation with the client from which the project's key objectives and targets are set and the key performance targets agreed. We anticipate that typically a turnkey project will proceed in the following way

Our CAD team will construct a virtual model of the proposed hybrid power plant which will be used to produce detailed drawings which the client will check and approve for construction. Our input on design will be focused on areas where we believe that practical improvements can be made rather than the principles of the design and the verification of quantities and sizing which are part of the system engineering.

Newly incorporated into our offering is PV Solar design, installation, commissioning and integration with the rest of the power system to offer a hybrid power solution. We draw from the best OEMs to ensure that high quality and reliable outcomes are achieved and utilize their support to ensure our designs are optimized to the site conditions and matched to the equipment characteristics. The necessary geotechnical, earthworks, groundworks and civils will be completed to the agreed designs and signed off with a detailed survey prior to structural construction.

The shipping and delivery of the main components will be carried out by a specialist heavy lift transport contractor, and PSS will manage receipt, storage and positioning of equipment through the construction period. Our procurement and shipping team will also be engaged in the sourcing and shipping of piping, steelwork, PV modules, tracking support systems, inverters, batteries and cable with all the ancillary items necessary to provide a fully integrated Hybrid Power solution.

A dedicated fabrication shop will be established on site to prepare the supports and platforms for all piping. All piping will be sandblasted and primed prior to installation and teams of pipe fitters and coded welders will prepare piping according to the drawings provided. 100% of the welds will be inspected by separate QA team and prior to putting into service all pipe work will be cleaned and flushed in accordance with the procedures specified.

As soon as there is clear access around each generator package, the installation and termination of MV, LV, control and instrument cables will commence. We anticipate installation of cables in both pre-formed ducts and on elevated vertical cable trays. We expect to use cable winches and pulling socks to install the cables in pre-formed ducts we witnessed being cast on site. There are separate staff for the installation termination and connection of cables and we have allowed for 100% QA check of all electrical and instrumentation work and this will include separate verification of all cable testing prior to connection.

Prior to hand over to the clients taking over team, each structural, mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumentation component will be checked and tested. This includes all mechanical alignment, engine deflections, electrical primary and secondary injection testing and instrument calibrations. All the testing is done with our own certified and calibrated test equipment with fully traceable documentation.

After completion of the construction work and prior to hand over to the client taking over team, the internal finishing of the powerhouse and solar installation will be completed to the highest standard to ensure that the plant is safe for operation.

We will normally have a small team remain on site for 2 months after completion to deal with any snagging, client training and hand over.